3 Nature Art Projects for Kids

1st of March 2018

Exploring nature is a great way to get outside and create bonding experiences with friends and family. In this blog, we will learn to experience nature by utilizing the senses to create art.

Activity 1: Rock Painting

For this activity, we will use our sense of touch and sight. Materials needed are paint, paint brushes and rocks.

  • This activity can take place from a picnic table to the floor.
  • We suggest using newspaper underneath to catch paint spills.
  • Once you have found several rocks to paint on, lay them out on your work space.
  • Use the paint brushes and paint to begin painting.

Activity 2: Drawing Nature

This activity involves using the sense of sight, smell and sound to observe the world around us. Materials need to fill your backpack are craft paper, markers, crayons and other items that you might need to be capture nature.

  • Find a comfortable spot to sit at the park and start drawing what comes to your attention. What are the things that inspire you from the nature around you?
  • After the drawing is done, discuss why the scene was picked.

Activity 3: Leaf Painting

In this final activity, we will use the sense of touch to experience textures and sight to explore color. Materials needed for this project are paint, paint brushes, white paper and leaves.

  • Go to your backyard or the park and find leaves that you think are unique.
  • Choose the leaf you will paint with the color of your choice. You can even be more creative in mixing the colors together.
  • Once you have painted the leaf, press the painted side onto the white paper. You will notice a better visual of how the leaf is formed.

Crystal Maciel, CFA Intern
Crystal is interning with the Children’s Foundation of America this spring as she completes her bachelor’s degree in sociology at Cal State San Bernardino. She has earned an associate’s degree in child development at Chaffey College and plans to continue her education with a mater’s degree in social work. Crystal’s career goals are to advocate for children, support families in need of assistance and to help children cope with problems in everyday life. Crystal’s work experience includes care of children toddler to 5 years of age and has worked for three years with children and adults with disabilities. In Crystal’s free time, she enjoys going to art galleries, sewing, gardening and painting.

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