CFA Supports 40 Families Displaced by Fire

10th of May 2021

Citrus Elementary School

A fire suddenly engulfed an Upland, CA apartment building on May 4, 2021 displacing several families whose children attend Citrus Elementary School. Because of their close proximity, the school was evacuated during the fire and the Red Cross set up a temporary evacuation site on the campus. The Red Cross and Citrus Elementary School continue to help families find shelter and resources.

After recently receiving services from the Children’s Foundation of America (CFA) during the holidays, Citrus Elementary reached out to CFA for help. Families affected by this tragedy lost nearly everything they owned in a matter of minutes. CFA was able to provide new toys to keep children occupied, shoes for children who evacuated barefoot, clothing including jackets to keep children warm, and toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, and deodorant to help provide necessities while being sheltered.

Anyone needing help (or wanting to help) should contact the Red Cross at 571-595-7771.

Jenelle Phillips, Director of Development
Jenelle oversees the day-to-day operations and staffing of the Foundation, which includes event planning, volunteer coordination, community outreach, marketing and donor relations. Above all, Jenelle’s focus is to identify and access resources in order to help children heal, learn and thrive. She earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from California State University Fullerton and is very involved in the community. She is active in her church and owns an art gallery. Her volunteer contributions to the community have been recognized by Senator Portantino, Assemblymember Holden and the Claremont Village Marketing Group.

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