Compassionate Giving with the Help of New York Life

25th of July 2020


What is a Planned Gift?

Planned Giving are gifts (or donations) that are planned by the donor now and will benefit the Children’s Foundation of America at a later date. They include trusts, legacy gifts and life insurance. Just as you plan for your family’s current and future needs, the Children’s Foundation of America also plans for the needs of foster children we currently serve, as well as those we will help in the future. Through a series of articles, we would like to introduce you to Planned Giving and the benefits to you and to the Foundation.

We are partnering with New York Life to educate our supporters on the benefits of life insurance as a Planned Gift. Agent Lorena Garcia, in conjunction with New York Life, has prepared an article that will introduce you to the benefits of life insurance as a donation option. We encourage you to contact her with any questions or reach out to your own agent or lawyer to discusses the process. Thank you for your lasting support and considering children in need for years to come.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

We live in a world that focuses on passing material provision, but passing on values is just as vital. They are all part of the legacy you will leave for future generations. Imagine how the world might be different generations from now if we continued to walk in honoring values. We believe generosity and philanthropy are the foundations for enduring legacies.

Your Gift of Life Insurance May Be MaximizedNew York Life

  • Turn a modest gift in premiums into a significant endowment

Your Legacy Lives On after Your Passing

  • You get tremendous satisfaction helping worthwhile causes
  • Life insurance can provide much for the charity:
  1. Create a scholarship fund for children in need
  2. Continue programs which depend on your bequest for support

Your personal assets may remain intact and the charity receives your gift promptly upon your passing. Premium payments may be income tax deductible. Your designated charity also receives your gift of life insurance death benefit generally federal income tax free.

It is simple to arrange, a New York Life Agent can help and show you several ways to give the gift of life insurance.

  • You will know that your gift will be honored, as long as the premiums are paid

Your Life Insurance Gift Is Backed By New York Life

  • Since 1845 New York Life has served the needs of individuals, families, businesses and charities
  • As one of the nation’s top insurance and financial institutions, New York Life has always honored its commitment to policy owners

Neither New York Life Insurance Company nor its Agents provide tax, accounting or legal advice. You must consult your tax or legal advisors regarding your particular situation.

For more information, contact:
Lorena Garcia,
CA Insurance License #4005196
Covina Valley General Office
New York Life Insurance Company
140 Via Verde Suite 200, San Dimas Ca, 91773
760-912-4055 |

Gail Polk, Community Outreach Coordinator
Gail networks with those in community and educates the public about our cause. She aims to increase awareness and encourage support for children in need. After graduating from the University of San Diego, she spent years as a stockbroker, then found her passion helping nonprofits through development and fundraising. She enjoys speaking to groups and has been interviewed multiple times on television. Gail successfully turned a failing nonprofit business into a well-known San Diego boutique thrift store and hugely profitable business. Gail looks forward to working with the Children’s Foundation of America with a goal to help improve the lives of foster children. Contact Gail: 909-426-0773 ext. 222 |

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