How to Help Children in Need to Succeed

1st of February 2018

While state and federal programs provide some of the basic necessities, non-profits are tasked with filling in the gap that exists between necessity and well-being. A UNICEF report on childhood deprivation outlined 14 essential items required for children to have a normal childhood. While this did include food, shelter and housing, it also included many items provided by the Children’s Foundation of America, such as:

  • Age-appropriate books suitable for knowledge level (not including schoolbooks).
  • Outdoor equipment such as bicycles, roller skates, scooters and skateboards.
  • Regular leisure activities including swimming, playing an instrument, participating in clubs and teams.
  • Indoor games to enhance learning and development.
  • Money to participate in school field trips and other enrichment activities.
  • Opportunity to celebrate special occasions such as holidays and birthdays.

Children in foster care, residential therapeutic and mental health programs often lack access to the essential developmental items listed above. The Children’s Foundation of America identifies and accesses resources for these children to learn, heal and thrive.

How to Bridge the Gap

Through community partnerships, volunteer programs and donations, the Children’s Foundation of America seeks to alleviate this problem by providing help to improve the overall well-being of children in need. To help the Children’s Foundation of America bridge the gap, visit the Get Involved page to volunteer, donate or participate in an awareness campaign to Be the Difference!

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