National “Pi” Day Paper Pie Craft

6th of March 2017

We’re celebrating National “Pi” Day with this adorable paper pie craft. Using only two different “ingredients,” you’ll find that this pie recipe is both simple and fun!

Ingredients & Tools:

  • Assorted Construction Paper (Pie Crust, Filling, Toppings)
  • Paper Plates (Pie Tins)
  • Stapler
  • Pen
  • Scissors


Your Work Space:

Make sure to have ample space to spread out your craft supplies. For our paper pies we chose to include paper that would match the color of popular pie fillings and beige paper for the pie crust. Remember to make this craft your own! By using patterned paper or paint, you can add a dimension of flair to your finished product.



Step 1:

Choose a pie tin (paper plate) and trace the circumference of the tin onto the pie crust (beige construction paper). Next, trace a line roughly 1/2 inch around the outside of the circle.




Step 2:

Cut along the outer circle. Then fold the circle in half and cut out the center of the pie crust along the inner circle.






Your finished shape should look something like this.





Crumble up your pie crust ring. This will give the finished pie a more natural look!



Step 3:

Choose your pie filling. We went with blueberry. Once you’ve picked your filling, crumble up the construction paper and arrange onto the pie tin.




Step 4:

It’s time to prepare out lattice crust strips.

Take a sheet of pie crust and fold it “hot dog style” three times until you have seven guidelines. Cut along each line to make eight strips of pie crust.



Step 5:

To assemble your lattice crust, place four strips vertically onto your table and weave each of the remaining four strips horizontally over and under each vertical strip.




Step 6:

Place the lattice crust onto the top of your pie filling and secure each corner with a staple through the crust and onto the pie tin. Next, trim the pies of crust that are hanging off the edge of the pie tin.




Step 7:

Place your pie crust ring over your lattice crust and secure with staples along the edges.




Step 8:

It’s time to decorate! We chose to create blue berries to garnish the top of our pie. These can be made by simply rolling up pieces of blue paper and place on top of the pie crust.




And what is pie without whipped cream? We made our whipped cream dollop out of white paper crumbled into a ball and placed onto the pie crust.





Be creative! Top your pie with your favorite fruits!






Pie toppings can be made easily out of colored paper.





Rebecca Ustrell, Community Outreach Coordinator
Becky acts as liaison for Children’s Foundation of America. On any given day she could be meeting with potential donors, coordinating a fundraising event, recruiting volunteers and forming partnerships with other nonprofits that can benefit from the help of our Foundation. Becky is currently studying sociology as well as fine art and helps organize the Claremont Art Walk. You will most likely find Becky working on freelance illustrations, playing the cello, mingling at a chamber of commerce event or volunteering in the community.


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