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Board Member Spotlight: Christina Jackson

My name is Christina Jackson and I live in Long Beach, CA with my husband, 4-year-old son and two dogs. My professional background is in graphic design, but I have developed a passion for interior design and I hope to work in that field once my son goes to school full time. I love books (I’m an avid reader, book hoarder and book club attender), fine art and dance parties in the kitchen with my son. I’m also a cancer survivor! The fact that I got a second chance at life heightened my commitment to helping others, especially kids.

I first discovered the Children’s Foundation of America (CFA) by accident! For years, my mom and I had been making Christmas stockings and Easter baskets for kids at various local shelters and similar organizations. It was a great experience, but also very anonymous. I wanted to channel my efforts toward a more specific demographic, specifically foster kids, and I wanted to work with an organization that I could become personally involved with. I Googled local foster care organizations and Trinity Youth Services popped up on my screen, so I contacted them to offer my services. That year, my mom and I created 32 Christmas gift bags for the kids at Trinity’s Long Beach office. My involvement quickly grew into Easter baskets, back to school items and birthday gifts. Pretty soon after that, Becky and the fabulous people at CFA (which supports Trinity Youth Services) asked me to become a member of the board of trustees.

The thing I love most about CFA is their long-term commitment to help kids heal from the traumatic effects of abuse, neglect or abandonment. They are in it with these kids for the long haul, whether it be residential programs, foster care support or community-based programs. I specifically love the fact that we offer scholarships to teens aging out of foster care in order to support their studies and growth into healthy, productive adults.

My personal aspiration is to help increase funding for the arts-based therapies and outings that the kids experience. Art and creativity in all its forms is healing, cathartic and joyful. It has the power to liberate the spirit. And oftentimes, great art finds its inspiration in great pain. If anyone deserves exposure to the arts, it’s these kids. Who knows what seeds of inspiration might take root in their hearts? It’s my hope that the children supported by CFA will be able to experience hands-on art based therapy, plus outings to theater and dance productions, live music, museums, culinary classes, etc!

So far, my favorite experience happened while I was attending last year’s Christmas party for Trinity’s Long Beach foster kids. I made friends with two little boys who were in the process of being adopted by a lovely couple sitting at my table. The boys were brothers and they were adorable. The two of them ran off to the cookie decorating table and returned with some cookies especially for me. They were piled so high with heaps of gooey frosting and candy, you could barely tell there was a cookie underneath! Needless to say I ate every last bite of those cookies as my new friends proudly watched!

Christina Jackson, Board Member
In 2016, Christina became a board member of the Children’s Foundation of America as a result of her involvement with partner organization, Trinity Youth Services. Christina is an adoptive mom and a cancer survivor. Getting a second chance at life only encouraged her more to help others. Christina helps the Foundation with organizing toy donations, doing graphic design, finding deserving scholarship applicants, assisting with events and much more.