Providing an opportunity for every person
to help children heal, learn and thrive.

Summer Partnership Appreciation

Above: John Neiuber, CEO; Susan Lominska, Claremont United Church of Christ; Paola Ipucha and Rosemary Rodriguez, Advantage Resourcing; Brisa and Mario Sifuentes, Claremont Little Free Library; Jenelle Rensch, Development Specialist; and Rebecca Ustrell, Community Outreach Coordinator.

Support System

In order to meet the goals within our mission, we require support in many forms throughout the year. Whether it be a short term volunteer opportunity, or a long term campaign, the team at CFA ensures the success of meeting our goals by reaching out to individuals, companies, and like-minded organizations for this support. Having been met with an overwhelming amount of support for our recent Back-to-School Drive, we decided to show our appreciation by inviting our supporters and volunteers for a coffee meet and greet with our CEO, John Neiuber on September 5 and 8 at Children’s Foundation of America headquarters in the Claremont Village.

Above: Development Specialist, Jenelle Rensch, donated sweets for our guests. Local volunteers and supporters enjoyed donuts and coffee with the team at CFA. 

Supporters and volunteers had an opportunity to discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities and fundraisers, as well have an in depth discussion with our team about how their support has helped children in foster care, residential treatment, and shelters throughout Southern California. Each supporter was then awarded with a certificate of appreciation for their recent efforts.

A Special Thank You

Keeping our goals on track also requires long term dedication from committed volunteer leaders and partnerships. We wanted to give a special thank you to our volunteer leader, Jessica Quintana, before we bid her farewell to her new job in the Bay Area. CEO John Neiuber presented Jessica with a certificate for her dedicated work to children in need.

We also wanted to give a very special thank you to our Americorps VIP Fellow, Sasha Chavez, for ensuring the success of our volunteer program and fundraising efforts throughout the summer. Our staff took Sasha out to lunch and gifted her with a mini pie adorned with a pastry CFA star.


We are so grateful to those who support us in fulfilling our mission to “provide an opportunity for every person to help children heal, learn and thrive.” Though we are sad to see some of our volunteers move on, we are so proud of the accomplishments they have achieved and wish them well as they continue to “be the difference” wherever they go!

Rebecca UstrellCommunity Outreach Coordinator
Becky acts as liaison for Children’s Foundation of America. On any given day she could be meeting with potential donors, coordinating a fundraising event, recruiting volunteers and forming partnerships with other nonprofits that can benefit from the help of our Foundation. Becky is currently studying sociology as well as fine art and helps organize the Claremont Art Walk. You will most likely find Becky working on freelance illustrations, playing the cello, mingling at a chamber of commerce event or volunteering in the community.
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