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Foster Youth Scholarships
Foster Youth Scholarships

Scholarships: Support Foster Youth Through Education

Foster Youth Scholarships

When you were 18 years old, were you financially stable? Or did you have the support of caring adults to help you?

If you’re reading this right now, YOU are the caring adult for a youth in foster care who needs support. A foster youth transitioning to adulthood faces many challenges. Of those who graduate high school, only 20% will enroll in college, compared to 60% of non-fostered peers. 50% of foster youth will experience a time of homelessness after emancipation and less than 10% will graduate from college.

On this topic, it is also important to be aware that children of color enter the foster care system at an alarmingly disproportionate rate. These children face challenges and burdens other children simply do not. Change the cycle, change their lives!

This year, scholarship applicants have expressed a great concern for their educational success as they navigate the pandemic. Many of these youth work in food service and have lost their jobs for multiple months. Their fear is they will not be able to keep up with their bills AND go to school. Some have returned to work, others are looking for a job, but one thing that is consistent is that all of them need help, especially now.

Your gift helps foster youth cover school fees, books, student housing, utility bills, transportation, computers, software, household items like pots and pans, groceries, interview suit, new shoes, clothing, meal plans and other needs on the road to independence.

Provide the opportunity for a youth in need to change the trajectory of their future so they may lead a healthy, productive and independent life. Be the difference, bridge the gap and end the disadvantage.



CFA Awards 10 Scholarships to Foster Youth

The Children’s Foundation of America is proud to announce we will be awarding 10 very deserving former foster youth with transitional support through scholarships this school year!

The Michael A. Alexander Memorial Scholarship Fund is designed to assist Trinity Youth Services present and former foster youth in pursuing their academic and/or vocational education. The goal of the scholarship fund is to ensure academic success and/or a successful emancipation from Trinity’s care.

The fund allows youth who are or have been in Trinity’s care to experience a network of support, the keys to successful emancipation, and the understanding that regardless of their past, it is always possible to look toward a brighter future.

Each scholarship will assist youth by granting awards of up to $5,000 per year. There are several ways we are supporting these very bright and motivated youth as they enter independence in adulthood.

We are helping one young man with a down payment for a car to get him to and from film school in Los Angeles, one youth asked us to help him with his student loans, and others simply need help with living expenses like gas money, books, and student housing.

Thank you to all our donors who make this type of support possible for foster youth.

Jenelle Phillips, Development Specialist
enelle oversees the day-to-day operations and staffing of the Foundation, which includes fundraising events, volunteer coordination, community outreach and donations. Above all, Jenelle’s focus is to identify and access resources in order to help children heal, learn and thrive. She earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from California State University Fullerton and has become very involved in the community. She is active in her church, owns an art gallery, organizes the local art walk and is on the executive board of the downtown district’s marketing group.