This Spring, a Child Needs YOUR Help

23rd of April 2022

Dear Friend,

Children are the human personification of Spring. As the warmer days and seasonal showers encourage the flowers to blossom and reach their full potential and beauty, we must encourage our children to do the same.

Every hour of every day, a child enters the California Foster Care system due to abuse, neglect, or other traumatic event. The specific reasons a child enters foster care are varied. However, trauma is a consistent factor among the vast majority of children who are placed in out-of-home care. Once placed, children remain in the foster care system for an average of 20 months. Placing a child in a loving home is essential, but it is not enough. Matching each child with a foster/resource parent who has been well trained to deal with the affects of trauma is critical, as is surrounding the child with the additional supports necessary to ensure their time in foster care provides the healing and help they need to blossom and reach their full potential and beauty.

The Children’s Foundation of America was established to provide the additional supports for children in foster care, residential treatment and mental health placements that are not covered by government funds. Your tax-deductible gift to the Children’s Foundation helps to provide the small things that make a big difference to a child, such as contact lenses to a child who has been bullied for wearing thick glasses, or braces for a child with misaligned teeth. Your contributions help to provide art and music therapy, or additional tutoring to children who have missed school due to abuse and neglect. The Foundation provides equipment, uniforms and lessons so trauma-affected children can participate in the same sports and arts programs as their peers. None of these items are considered “necessities” by the entities that place children in foster care, but they are absolutely essential if we are to help these children to heal, learn and thrive.

Please consider making a gift today. Children are ready to BLOOM!

Cher Ofstedahl
Chief Executive Officer

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