Volunteer Spotlight: Delilah DeBellis

9th of June 2017

What are your hobbies outside of volunteering?

My hobbies include going hiking and spending time with my family and friends. I also love Pinterest, so I do a lot of arts and crafts. I also love to eat, and I after eat, I love to sleep and take naps anytime that I can.

What activities do you participate in with the Children’s Foundation of America?

I’ve mostly done awareness activities that include assembling the flyers and going out to the community. We then pass them out and spread awareness about the children and options on how people can help.

What inspired you to volunteer with the Children’s Foundation of America?

I found this opportunity on volunteermatch.org and when I read the mission statement about helping children it just really hit home, because I believe that children are our future and if we can make an impact on just one child, it can make a huge difference. That child that you made an impact on, maybe they can impact another person and another person, and eventually, you might have hundreds of lives that are changed for the better.

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering with the Children’s Foundation of America?

I think it’s very rewarding helping a child who may be in need and just letting them know that they are important and significant.

What is your favorite memory from volunteering with the Children’s Foundation of America?

My favorite memory from volunteering is during child abuse awareness month. It was such a great feeling to be spreading awareness for a great cause. While we were passing out the flyers this woman accepted our flyer and was really happy and commented on how awesome it was that we were doing this. It made me happy because it was good to know that we impacted at least one person.

Why would you encourage others to volunteer?

I would encourage others to volunteer because it allows you to really understand the community that you live in. I think it’s really great to understand other people; where they come from and how they think and what you can do to support that. We are all living on this earth together, so we might as well celebrate it, enjoy each other and help each other out to make the best of what we have here. It’s also just amazing when you can make an impact or just make someone smile for a day. Whether that’s by just saying hi or passing out fliers, or doing arts and crafts with a child or educating a parent about something like foster care, I think that’s beautiful within itself. So definitely volunteer, even if it’s just for an hour. It makes all the difference.

Anything else you’d like to share with your fellow volunteers?

Children are our future and they also seem to be the most vulnerable due to their age and dependency on others. Because of this, I think it’s vital to always communicate and look at the well-being of the child as a whole. If I can provide a smile, confidence, comfort, financial or even housing stability, then that can make a world of a difference in a child’s future and even their mindset! Children’s Foundation of America allows me to make that impact and I look forward to volunteering more because of this.

Be the Difference

If you would like to volunteer at the Children’s Foundation of America like Delilah, call 1-800-KIDS-730 or email volunteer@trinityys.org.

Sasha Chavez, AmeriCorps VIP Intern
Sasha is volunteering with the Children’s Foundation of America as our AmeriCorps VIP (Volunteer Infrastructure Program) Intern. This mutually beneficial partnership allows Sasha to work hand-in-hand with the Children’s Foundation of America to develop and expand the quality of the volunteer opportunities to address the unmet needs of our local community. Sasha has been a wonderful asset to our team. She creates content for our social media, assists with our community outreach and has even helped by coordinating fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. She lives locally to our headquarters in Claremont and studies public relations and marketing at the University of La Verne. When she isn’t volunteering with the Foundation, she enjoys reading, being outdoors and spending time with my friends and family.


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