Volunteer Spotlight: Jessica Quintana

8th of September 2017

Jessica Quintana has volunteered regularly with The Children’s Foundation of America over the span of a few months. She has helped with several events thus far,  including  blanket making and cards for kids. Jessica says that these types of events hold a special place in her heart because she loves to help foster youth feel loved and special. We interviewed Jessica to talk about her motivations and hobbies, and why she loves volunteering with us.

Tell us a little about yourself

I just finished my master’s program at Azusa Pacific in college counseling and student development. I love community service and volunteering and  thought “ While I have this time off I should volunteer”. So that’s really how I got plugged in with this organization.

What are your hobbies outside of volunteering?

I like crafting a lot. I like reading in my spare time, and I love to dance.

Do you volunteer with any other organizations?

I have in the past. Right now I’m trying to get started with Priceless Pet Rescue, which is another local nonprofit focused on animal rescues.

What inspired you to become involved with the Children’s Foundation of America?

I saw the blanket making event on VolunteerMatch.org and thought “Wow, that is so amazing”. [It’s amazing] for foster kids to have something from this type of organization. And to be able to help them feel special by giving them something personal that someone spent time on (because it does take time)! It was cool to just be a part of that. That’s what really got me interested in continuing to volunteer.

Can you describe your favorite CFA volunteer event.

Like I said, I  love the blanket making event. It gives all the volunteers an opportunity to sit by each other and chat it up while we’re making these blankets. I’d say that’s the most fun and most rewarding, but there a lot of other things. Like the card’s for kids event was really great. Those kind of events just really touch my heart.

Why would you encourage others to volunteer with us?

I personally think that while donating money is really important for organizations to survive, donating your time and experience is something that (for me at least) is way more meaningful. I think the Children’s Foundation of America does a really good job at communicating their values and goals for each volunteer event. That’s why I like to encourage others to volunteer with CFA.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fellow volunteers?

I like that we have the opportunity to meet often for CFA volunteer events. And it’s been a real pleasure seeing some familiar volunteer faces and my overall experience has just been great. I’m really glad to be part of this group.

Jessica is a volunteer leader for the Children’s Foundation of America. Volunteer leaders assist with at least 2 volunteer events a month, go through our volunteer management training, and work closely with volunteers and staff at the Children’s Foundation of America. For more information on volunteering or becoming a volunteer leader, please visit our website.

Rebecca UstrellCommunity Outreach Coordinator
Becky acts as liaison for Children’s Foundation of America. On any given day she could be meeting with potential donors, coordinating a fundraising event, recruiting volunteers and forming partnerships with other nonprofits that can benefit from the help of our Foundation. Becky is currently studying sociology as well as fine art and helps organize the Claremont Art Walk. You will most likely find Becky working on freelance illustrations, playing the cello, mingling at a chamber of commerce event or volunteering in the community.
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