Volunteer Spotlight: Joanne Sanchez

10th of February 2017
Volunteer Spotlight

Joanne Sanchez

This month’s volunteer spotlight is Joanne Sanchez of Chino, CA. We assigned her to serve as volunteer administrative assistant at Trinity Youth Services’ Rancho Cucamonga office.

What are your favorite pastimes?

My favorite pastimes are creating art, working out and spending time with my three dogs.

Where did you go to school and what was your major?

I currently attend Irvine Valley College where I will be receiving my AA in Economics, but I will also be transferring this year to Cal Poly Pomona.

What activities do you participate in at Trinity Youth Services?

I assist the social workers with improving organization, helping them locate information and assisting them with filing to ensure everything is up to date.

What inspired you to volunteer at Trinity Youth Services?

I was inspired by the work the employees do to give back to the community and ensure the safety of the children.

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering?

I find the knowledge of how I am making a difference very rewarding and encouraging.

What’s your favorite memory from volunteering at Trinity Youth Services?

My favorite memories are the individual looks of appreciation I receive from those I help all around the office.

Why would you encourage others to volunteer?

I would encourage others to volunteer if they are looking for an activity or opportunity to be of service to those who both may need and deserve it. This is a rewarding way to also gain experience for different career fields.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your fellow volunteers?

Even though you’re a volunteer, give it the best you’ve got and treat it like any other job opportunity. The hardworking employees will thank you.

Thanks to Joanne for volunteering to Be the Difference. If you would like to volunteer at the Children’s Foundation of America, call 1-800-KIDS-730 or email volunteer@trinityys.org.


Aaron Henry, Community Outreach Associate
Aaron’s role is keeping the day-to-day functions of the Foundation office running efficiently by answering phone calls and emails, taking in and recording donations, coordinating volunteer activities and assisting with outreach and events. Aaron is a musician and an art enthusiast. On weekends, Aaron instructs music at the Claremont Community School of Music and assists at the nonprofit’s office.
Tel: 1-800-543-7730 | Email: volunteer@trinityys.org

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