Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Valente

10th of March 2020

The Children’s Foundation of America has been incredibly lucky to have Karen Valente as one of our amazing volunteers. She is hardworking and always has such a fabulous attitude. Karen is retired and loves to spend her free time volunteering or visiting with family.

Family is a big part of Karen’s life. She has three children and a granddaughter, who is the apple of her eye. She enjoys volunteering for the Foundation because she feels that, “giving back and supporting children is so important,” she said. Her favorite event is our Back to School Drive. “It reaches so many children; back to school time is such an important time in children’s lives, especially children in need. Volunteering at that event reminds me of when my children were young and how each year was like a new beginning for them. I want children in need to have that same experience,” she commented.

Karen learned about the Foundation through Volunteer Match. She also volunteers for David and Margaret Youth and Family Services. She cares so much about helping others, her commitment to making a difference really shows. Karen has worked many events with our Volunteer Coordinator, Paula Leal, who says, “Karen is the type of individual anyone would love to have in their corner; her willingness to perform service is genuine and heart-felt. She brings a kind spirit to everything she does. During several service opportunities, she has worked entire days to help get needed items out to our youth.”

Not only does Karen help each month with our Birthday in a Bag event, but she also consistently signs-up for other volunteer opportunities. She works for our annual Trinity Classic Golf Tournament and Fundraiser, warehouse projects, making scarves for Warm & Fuzzy February, Back to School Drive, various Claremont socials, care package making and distribution, and participates in our Holiday Heroes campaign, to name a few.

In 2019 she served 77 hours for the Children’s Foundation and won the top award, Volunteer Superhero, at our annual “Valenteer” Party. Her superhero motto is, “Be kind to everyone,” and it is certainly one she demonstrates each time she works with the Foundation. We are honored to have Karen Valente volunteering with us.

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer and Be the Difference, get involved! Contact us at 800.KIDS.730.

Isabel Millward-Pena
Isabel contributes content for our social media, blog, newsletters and promotional materials. She recently earned a bachelor’s degree in English from California State University San Bernardino and is currently working on her master’s degree. Isabel began working with our team as an intern and, luckily for us, never left. Isabel primarily works as Clerical for Trinity Youth Services. Prior to her work there, she was a substitute instructional aid and a supervisor at Starbucks. She has also volunteered as an aid at local elementary schools and notably achieved “Partner of the Quarter” at Starbucks in 2017.

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